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Arraxi is the first dungeon boss of AlisonMC. She appears as a Spider and has two phases when battling, she enters the second phase upon reaching approximately 50% of her total HP. Her dungeon can be found near the entrance to the Level 2 Ghoul pit in Cataclysm labeled "Spider Island".

Arraxi has 8000hp and deals (#) dmg to a player with no armour upon death Arraxi gives 350 Money and 100xp.

Arraxis' abilities:

Web Shot: Gives all players in the dungeon Slowness 2 for 5 seconds

Poison Spit: Gives all players within (X) amount of blocks Poison 2 for 5 seconds

Lay egg: Arraxi Lays an egg that spawns Spiderlings until it is destroyed or limit has been reached (#) This is activated when Arraxi goes through her second stage.

Her drop table consists of:

Item Name # Chance
Reinforced Leather Helmet 1 20%
Reinforced Leather Tunic 1 20%
Reinforced Leather Chaps 1 20%
Reinforced Leather Boots 1 30%
Rusty Helm 1 4%
Rusty Plates 1 3%
Rusty Legs 1 3%
Rusty Boots 1 10%
Butcher Axe 1 8%
Stattrack Butcher Axe 1 6%
Mundos Meat Cleaver 1 2%
Stattrack Mundoes Meat Cleaver 1 2%
Bronze Long Sword 1 10%
Common Crate Key 1 30%
Spirit Terrorbird 1 1%
Shiny Spirit Terrorbird 1 0.1%
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